3D Engines in Games

My article from 2001 where I tried to describe what a nice engine should contain, what was the history of 3D games, APIs, what is the point of view of the gamer…

Here is the foreword:
Real-time rendering is one of the most dynamic areas in the computer graphics (later only CG). Three dimensional computer games are in other way one of the most profitable commercial applications of the real-time rendering (and CG as whole). Real-time rendering attracts more and more people every year. With every generation of 3D accelerators we see nicer and more realistic games with new effects and more complex models. This article is meant to be a small introduction to the field of real-time graphics for computer games.
The article is divided into several sections
– History of 3D games – a brief history of real-time 3D games, accelerators and API’s.
– Game engine scheme – parts of generic game engine with description.
– 3D API basics – very basic description of the pipelines.
– World of games – describes the specific world of games, point of view of the gamer and point of view of the programmer.

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